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Bernstein and Munro are close enough to the tightly-packed trenches of China studies to be well-informed, yet sufficiently outside to see its clay feet -- an excellent combination for standing back from the details of the United States-China tie to capture the large picture. Their argument is nuanced and far-seeing. They report much information. They explain it, which is less common in a journalistic book. They relate Beijing-Washington relations to history and to current American domestic politics.

Excellent are the analyses of trade issues and the Taiwan imbroglio. In a brilliant chapter, the authors skewer the manipulative anti-Japan stand of the Chinese Communists.

The Coming Conflict With China is the first book to broach the delicate problem of the emergence of a "New China Lobby" -- academics and businessmen who have fallen in love with China in the Clinton era.

I hope it is widely read.

- Ross Terrill, Los Angeles Times

Kissingerians and other longtime China-openers...brace themselves for a new book... The Coming Conflict With China.

William Safire column, The New York Times.

Provocative and unflinching, this timely analysis of mounting Sino-American antagonism in the 1990s makes a crucial contribution to the foreign policy debate.

The authors' concern over failure of American efforts to affect Chinese domestic policy prompts the frustration and apprehension that underlie their chilling analysis.

In addition, their examination of trade statistics leads to the conclusion that "our current economic relationship with China is fundamentally against the national interests of the United States."

...Bernstein and Munro have compiled the most alarming assessment to date of China;s human rights offenses, its manipulation of nationalist sentiment, its acceleration of military spending and its shrewd buying-off of the New China Lobby, the consortium of American business, government and academic leaders who profit handsomely from their China connections.

Carolyn Wakeman, The Philadelphia Inquirer

The death of Deng Xiaoping makes The Coming Conflict With China even more timely... Bernstein and Munro, both former foreign correspondents in Beijing, do not suggest that a shooting war between the United States and China is inevitable or even likely.

Barbara Slavin, USA Today

It is no accident that the hot new book inside the beltway is The Coming Conflict with China.


Please read ... The Coming Conflict With China, by Richard Bernstein and Ross H. Munro.

- A.M. Rosenthal column, The New York Times


- Asiaweek

...a probing essay on China's foreign-policy ambitions.

- Booklist

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