This is the book that explains why
US-China relations are on a collision course

ROSS H. MUNRO and co-author Richard Bernstein, both of them with a solid China background as journalists and scholars, have written a book that is forcing a rethink of America's China policy.
It shows:
  • Why China's leaders view the United States as the enemy.
  • How China has embarked on the most massive and rapid military buildup in the world today.
  • How China is determined to dominate Asia using economic pressure and diplomatic coercion as well as its growing military power.
  • Why Taiwan will remain a flashpoint that can easily lead to war.
  • How China has built up a $85-billion annual trade surplus with the United States by using old-style Japanese techniques to subsidize exports and choke off imports.
  • How American companies with big investments in China, along with former top U.S. government officials, are lobbying Washington for pro-China policies.
the Coming Conflict with China


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